De Lima: “I have no connection with drug lords”

Not the kind of vindication that she was hoping for, Sen. Leila de Lima yesterday said upon learning of the pronouncements made by those leading the investigation against her in the House of Representatives saying that there will, in the end, be no charges to filed against her.

“Kung vindication ang hanap ko, hindi lang ganyan klaseng vindication ang hanap ko. Ang hanap kong vindication ay huminto na sila dyan sa ginagawa nila dapat o huminto na sila dyan sa sinasabi nila na pagpaparatang sa akin, huminto na sila sa mga kasinungalingan nila,” De Lima said in an interview with reporters.

In the committee report to be submitted by the House committee on justice, its chairman, Oriental Mindoro Rep. Reynaldo Umali said the panel will not recommend the filing of charges against De Lima.

One of the congressmen participating in the lower house inquiry was quoted admitting that the panel has no case against De Lima as evidence against her are weak despite the numerous witnesses who testified her supposed drug links.

The senator said she was no longer surprised to learn of this as she had been insistent, even long before the lower house proceedings kicked off, that the accusations against her are baseless.

“Talagang wala silang ma-establish na connection (on my supposed involvement with convicted drug lords) kasi hindi naman talaga yan totoo. Ilang beses ko ng sinasabi yan kahit araw araw nyo ako tanungin kung totoo ba yang sinsabi nila na involved ako sa drugs. Wala naman talaga silang maituturo sa akin na totoo,” she said.

“Of course maganda yan kung ganun nga but remember na sa akin naman naka focus yung inquiry nila eh. Para que yun? They practically focused on my and not really on the real problems of Bilibid and now they’re saying that they’re not going to recommend to prosecute me. So what was the whole point of that inquiry? Para lang pahiyain ako, para lang nag concentrate sila dun sa ibang mga personal na bagay, to the point na parang binabastos na rin ako, to the point na tinthreaten nilang ipakita yung sex video. So what was that all about? That’s why I was saying from day one kaya nga hindi ako nag participate doon kasi alam ko yung pinaka objective noon para lang talaga ako i-villify,” De Lima.

In the light of this developments, the senator dropped hints on the likelihood of taking retaliatory legal action against but would not disclose yet whether her complaint will be directed at her colleagues who participated and supposedly pilloried her in the said lower house committee or government officials who stood as witnesses along with a number of inmates from the National Bilibid Prisons (NBP).

“I don’t know when (to file the case) but the lawyers are working on it. They will tell me when it’s ready,” she said.