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Senate Bombshell: Paolo Duterte Part Of Chinese Triad

Senate Bombshell: Paolo Duterte Part Of Chinese Triad

An explosive information was revealed during the resumption of Senate hearing on September 7, 2017 on the 6.4 billion Shabu smuggling in the Philippines that came from China.

It was the first time that presidential son and Davao City vice-mayor Paolo Duterte and his brother-in-law Mans Carpio attended the hearing after the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee chair, Sen. Dick Gordon, was forced by public pressure to invite the two.

During the hearing, Sen. Sonny Trillanes, who moved that Duterte and Carpio be invited by the committee, asked the vice-mayor if he has a tattoo on his back. Duterte answered in the affirmative but when asked about the description of his tattoo, he suddenly invoked his right to privacy.

This forced Trillanes to disclose that a foreign intelligence service informed him that Duterte is a certified member of a Chinese triad operating principally in Hongkong. The senator said that Duterte’s dragon tattoo is “physical evidence” of his membership in the triad.

“Binigay sa ‘kin ng foreign intelligence… Si Paolo Duterte member ng triad. Ang proof ng kaniyang membership, ang kaniyang tattoo sa likod,”

Trillanes said.

As Trillanes shared his information, Gordon cautioned fellow senators to be careful in making allegations.

“The Chair would like to request respectfully that we should not make allegations here without any basis because triad is a very serious allegation and we should not abuse any of the witnesses here,”

Gordon said.

Not surprising for Gordon to make such reminder. Trillanes had previously quarreled with Gordon which started when he accused the committee Chair of lawyering for the first family.

According to veteran journalist and social media influencer Philip Lustre, Duterte was taken aback when Trillanes asked him about his tattoo. Duterte probably did not expect that he will be asked about his tattoo. Thing is the vice-mayor could have easily debunked Trillanes’ bombshell and humiliate the maverick senator in the process if he chose to show his tattoo. Instead, he invoked his right to privacy fueling speculation about his links to the triad.

Coincidentally, just before this anticipated appearance by Duterte and Carpio in the Senate, High Times magazine made an intriguing article about Pres. Rodrigo Duterte last September 5, 2017 entitled “Is Anti Drug Strongman of the Philippines In Bed With Narco Gangs?”

“Is it really possible that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte—who has unleashed a “War on Drugs,” which has now reached the point of mass murder, and used charges of narco-corruption to lock up his political opponents—is himself mixed up in the drug trade? ”

said the article’s opening statement.

The article then dwelt on the series of investigations being conducted as the result of highly controversial drug-related killings including that of minors but eventually segued to the growing speculations that Pres. Rodrigo Duterte launched this murderous drug war in order to eliminate competition and rest control of the drug trade in the country.

“There has been growing speculation that Duterte’s crackdown really masks a struggle for control of the Philippines’ narco trade. Now, for the first time, a formal investigation is touching on evidence to this effect,”

High Times said.

These are interesting developments just in time when the country is shaken once again by the killing of 14-year old Reynaldo De Guzman who was last seen with Carl Arnaiz who was murdered in the cold blood by Caloocan police.

As Lustre said, “the plot is getting murkier. In due time, we’ll see who’s involved in bigtime drug trafficking in the country. Abangan pa…”