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Indecent Proposal

Indecent Proposal

It runs in the Duterte blood.

After attending the state of the city address of his sister Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte yesterday, Vice-Mayor Paolo Duterte talked to reporters where he took the opportunity to lash out at Sen. Sonny Trillanes who made an expose’ about his alleged dragon tattoo at his back and his membership with the Chinese Triad.

The vice-mayor also hit back at people who were criticizing his expensive watches as well as the luxurious lifestyle of his daughter Isabelle who was seen in photos wearing a Gucci Ace embroidered sneakers which cost around 600 US dollars.

But the presidential son did not stop there.

He also issued a challenge to veteran journalist Karen Davila who previously made a strong statement castigating the young Duterte for refusing to attend the Senate hearings being conducted by the Blue Ribbon committee in connection with the smuggling into the country of 6.4 billion worth of Shabu from China despite the fact that his name was consistently mentioned by a resource person. Davila’s statement went viral and ignited a public clamor that forced the committee to invite Paolo Duterte and his brother-in-law Mans Carpio to the next hearing.

Addressing Davila, Duterte made a surprising offer to the journalist.

“Karen Davila? Yung nangungugat? Ganito nalang, I urge Karen Davila na ipapakita ko sa kanya yung tattoo, pero kaming dalawa sa kwarto sa hotel,”

he said.

The vice-mayor’s challenge to the lady journalist was, in fact, in a context of an indecent proposal.

We do not know how the reporters specially the female ones who were covering the event reacted to Duterte’s offensive actuation. But such statement only shows Paolo Duterte’s utter lack of breeding and blatant disrespect for women.

Netizens were quick to point out Paolo Duterte’s similarity with his father, President Rodrigo Duterte, who for several occasions came under fire for making unsavory, misogynic remarks that disrespects women and even catcalling lady reporter Mariz Umali during a press conference. Even Vice-President Leni Robredo was not spared by the propensity of the highest official of the land to objectify women.

Indecent Proposal

It is said that a person’s behavior is reflective of how he was raised as a child. We saw several times how vulgar, offensive and unbecoming the president is. Vice-Mayor Paolo Duterte has just proven to us that he is indeed the president’s son.

To all the women reading this, the next time the president, a city vice-mayor or any man for that matter offers an indecent proposal or make a sexually-offensive remark towards you, slap him hard in the face. You are so justified in doing so.