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Davao City Mayor Launched a New Alliance, Mocked by Netizens

Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte

An alliance of opportunists, plunderers and greedy people.

Davao City Mayor and presidential daughter Sara Duterte led the launch yesterday of Tama and Malasakit Alliance purportedly to muster support for government programs like the rebuilding of Marawi City.

But netizens quickly saw the irony, hypocrisy and even the real motive behind the creation of this new group. In particular, they took notice of the personalities who attended the gathering like former president and convicted plunderer Joseph Estrada and the daughter of the dead dictator and now governor Imee Marcos.

The online world exploded in an instant with funny memes and strongly-worded posts mocking and condemning the said alliance.

Here are some of the screenshots we got from Twitter and Facebook.

MLQ's post


Thinking Class' post

A netizen got an idea for a costume to wear for the Halloween.


Mabuhay ang T.A.M.O.D!

Injustigram's post

The hashtag #SwapangAtPasakit trended simultaneously with the launch of the alliance.

hanna babes' post


Jenny Ranoco's post

On a more serious note, some gave their own examples of how to be “matapang” and “may malasakit.”

Hilbay-gideon's post

The mayor of Davao City got a stinging rebuke for suggesting that Tindig Pilipinas, a coalition formed against extrajudicial killings and other tyrannical policies of the administration, to join the alliance.

Leah Navarro's post

Unsolicited advice from a citizen.

Harvey Keh's post

Alliance blasted for its hypocrisy and insincerity.

Don RB's post


Buencamino's post


Jesus Falcis' post

It appears that the unholy alliance, perceived by some political observers as a launching pad for the 2019 campaign of the administration, started off on a wrong foot.