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Another Disgraceful Act By Politician Grace

Another Disgraceful Act By Politician Grace Poe

Political vendetta is the name of her game.

A lady lawyer blasted yesterday Senator Grace Poe for trying to pin down the dean of one of the top law schools in the country.

Atty. Estrella Elamparo hit Poe for her “extreme bias” against the embattled dean of the School of Civil Law of the University of Santo Tomas, Atty. Nilo Divina.

Elamparo made her tirade against the lady senator as the Senate Committee on Public Order and Dangerous Drugs continued yesterday its investigation purportedly in aid legislation of the unfortunate death of Horacio Castillio III while undergoing initiation rites of Aegis Juris Fraternity.

In a Facebook post, Elamparo lamented how Poe desperately tried to illicit from members of the said fraternity answers that will point and identify Divina as the “big brother” mentioned in an alleged private group chat involving their members.

Divina is a member of Aegis Juris but went on leave since he was appointed dean of UST law.

However, despite Poe’s persistent questioning, no one from the invited resource persons gave the senator the answer that she wanted to hear.

Atty. Eric Fuentes told Poe that “big brother” is a generic term that they use to call fraternity elders. It was Fuentes who mentioned “big brother” in the supposed group chat who allegedly requested “brods”, especially the alumni, to show their support to the fraternity by attending the Senate investigation and visiting John Paul Solano who was detained at that time.

Solano was the person who brought Castillio at the Chinese General Hospital. He was detained but was eventually released while the case was undergoing preliminary investigation.

After being rebuked by Fuentes, Poe turned to Mark Anthony Ventura, an Aegis Juris member who is seeking to be considered as State witness. However, instead of identifying Divina, Ventura said that as far as he knows, “big brother” is lawyer Arnel Bernardo, a co-founder of Aegis Juris and one of the incorporators of the Aegis Juris Foundation.

Elamparo also took note of Poe’s disappointment when Ventura testified that he went to Pacific Star Building in Makati City to talk to “brods” from another firm and not to visit Divina Law whose office is also located in the same building.

“When it also became clear that when Mark Ventura went to Pacific Star, he spoke with his brods from another office (not DivinaLaw), her disappointment was apparent,”

she said.

Elamparo and Poe have a colorful history as it was Elamparo who first filed a disqualification case against the senator questioning her citizenship and her qualification to run as president. Poe got a favorable ruling from the Supreme Court but eventually lost the election.

Hence, Elamparo implies that Poe is zeroing on Divina to get back at them as the senator may have wrongly presumed that the case that Elamparo filed was through the initiative of Divina law.

Elamparo is one of the senior lawyers of Divina Law. She’s also Divina’s lawyer in the Castillo case where the dean was included as respondent in the murder and Violation of Anti-Hazing Law cases that Castillio’s parents have filed before the Department of Justice (DOJ).

“Even the press was asking us if her behavior has something to do with the disqualification case I had filed in my personal capacity. Go figure,”

Elamparo said.

Divina has categorically denied that he or Divina Law have something to do with the disqualification case filed against Poe.

“The firm did not have any hand in the filing of the disqualification case. It was a personal decision and act of one of our senior partners,”

Divina commented.

While we condemn the unnecessary wastage of life of a young man with full potential as a future lawyer, we hate the way some senators are using the Senate investigation for purposes other than to aid the body in its legislative functions.

Specifically, aside from gaining free media mileage as she always does when opportunity presents itself, we abhor Senator Poe’s attempt to make the committee hearings as a means to retaliate at people who once questioned her citizenship and her love and loyalty to the country.