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Monumental F–ked-Up

Monumental F--ked-Up

Saying it like it is.

Finally, someone just gave the perfect, most fitting description of the ongoing political circus at the House of Representatives: the hearings being conducted by the Committee on Justice on the impeachment complaint against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno.

Akbayan partylist representative Tom Villarin did not mince his words when he made a strongly-worded diatribe against the above-mentioned hearings.

“I believe that this charade is heading nowhere but to a monumental fuck-up that the House should immediately dismiss,” Villarin said.

Villarin urged his colleagues to tackle instead other important business like the Bangsamoro Basic Law and other priority legislation.

“Otherwise the public will have a bland Yuletide entertainment from the House,” he sarcastically added.

Villarin issued his statement after Supreme Court Associate Justice Teresita De Castro testified in the lower house. Before the appearance of De Castro, Atty. Larry Gadon, the complaint in the impeachment case, was forced to admit that he has no personal and actual knowledge of the substantial allegations of his complaint.

Thus, Villarin believes that, based on De Castro and Gadon’s answers during the hearing, Sereno did not commit any impeachable offenses.

“Opinions, hearsay, rants, and innuendos don’t add to anything substantive that would give probable cause for trial to proceed. If ever, dissent and disagreements within the Supreme Court are normal and resolved internally in said institution,” the lawmaker asserted.

During the resumption of the proceedings yesterday, Court Administrator Midas Marquez also appeared and testified before the Justice Committee. But instead of helping establish probable cause, Marquez only affirms what critics had been saying all along, that is there are no valid and clear grounds to impeach the chief justice.

Marquez admitted that there was nothing illegal in Sereno’s creation of special committees and technical working groups (TWGs) to process petitions for retirement benefits for justices, judges, court employees and the public employees from the judiciary.

However, according to Marquez, these special committees and TWGs may have delayed action on the petitions for retirement of retirees from the judiciary.

But this allegation, if proven true for argument’s sake, cannot in all intents and purposes be considered as an impeachable offense.

Moreover, the camp of Sereno already denied that the chief justice did not “intentionally delay” the action on the said petitions which, in the first place, require the decision of the high court as a whole.

“The Chief Justice is sympathetic with the plight not just of retirees in the judiciary, but of the people, who long for an expeditious resolution of their cases,” said Atty. Jojo Lacanilao, one of the spokepersons of Sereno.

As expected, Villarin’s statements did not sit well with the clowns and lapdogs of the Justice Committee.

Oriental Mindoro Rep. Reynaldo Umali, the one leading the zarzuela as Justice committee chair, said that the concerns of the members of his committee regarding Villarin’s statement will be forwarded to the Committee on Rules “to take action” while Leyte 3rd District Rep. Vincent Veloso asked the committee to take a “serious look” into statements made by Villarin.

Ironically, these buffoons from the lower house who have supported and enabled a president known for his vulgar and gutter language are sensitive and onion-skinned when it is them or their official acts are the subject of a vehement condemnation.

So what is wrong with the phrase monumental fucked-up? The president and his murderous, corrupt and anti-people government has been raping and fucking-up the Filipinos since 2016 anyways.