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Koko’s Refusal To Show Kids To Ex-Wife A Torture Of The Worst Kind

Jewel May Lobaton and Koko Pimentel

It has been said that a man’s true character is tested by the way he treats a woman.

These words of wisdom instantly came to our mind upon hearing the news that the Senate President of the country has been depriving his former wife access to their children.

Senate President Koko Pimentel’s marriage with former beauty queen Jewel May Colmenares Lobaton was recently annulled by a Regional Trial Court (RTC) in Marikina City. But the two have been separated since 2011.

Koko Pimentel and his Ex-Wife Jewel Lobaton

In 2013, it was Lobaton who filed a petition in court for the annulment of her marital ties with Pimentel. However, she withdrew the case on the same year as she thought there was hope of reconciliation between them after they started seeing each other again.

Apparently, things did not work out right between the two. But this time, it was Pimentel himself who took the initiative to have their marriage annulled.

“That was my last hope for the marriage to work. I prayed to God, I just wanted to move on. I wanted out already,” Lobaton revealed.

Unfortunately for the former Binibining Pilipinas – Universe winner, Pimentel has been unjustly and unlawfully prohibiting her to see their kids.

“He has kept the children away from me for three years defying the orders of the court,” Lobaton disclosed.

Pimentel has denied the claim of his estranged wife saying that there is no court order allowing Lobaton to see their children.

“Therefore, there is no court order being defied by me.” He said in a statement issued to the press.

But that is not the point. Lobaton, as the biological mother of their children, has the inherent, natural and legal right to see, talk and spend time with her kids. She does not need to secure a court order just to see their children.

Even if it is true, as Pimentel asserted in his statement, that he was granted temporary custody of the kids pending the separate custody case, it does not give him the right to deprive the mother of his children access to them.

Worse, Pimentel has the gall to blame Lobaton for her predicament.

“If she has not seen the kids, then she has only herself to blame,” Pimentel said.


No mother in her right mind and proper senses will commit acts that will alienate her to her own children. Hence, it is disgusting for Pimentel to pass the blame to her former wife for all the pain and suffering that the latter is going through.

Whatever happened to Koko Pimentel? He is a bar topnotcher so it is safe to assume that he knows the law. He is the son of a man known for risking life and liberty while fighting tyrants and plunderers. He was with the Filipino people fighting the extremely corrupt and illegitimate government of Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

Sadly, he has now been corrupted by the great power he holds.

If Pimentel in his personal affairs can arbitrarily trample upon the inalienable right of his ex-wife to see and spend time with their kids, what more he can do as Senate president?

Well, under his leadership, the Senate, known to be a defiant bastion of democracy, has lost its independence and became a willing accomplice to the sins and crimes of the administration against the Filipino people.

While we are happy for Lobaton for regaining her freedom, we pity her for the unimaginable emotional torture that she is currently experiencing in her life.