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Social Media Groups And Pages For Sale?

Social Media Groups And Pages For Sale?

Even your K-POP idols are not safe from the DDS propaganda machinery.

A netizen got the surprise of her life when a Facebook group created for fans of one of her Korean idols was suddenly converted into a political community supportive of President Rodrigo Duterte.

In a Facebook post, Karla Obispo shared a screenshot showing the change of name of the FB group “Kim Soo Hyun” to “President Duterte Supporters.”

In her caption, Obispo implied that the said group was bought by a new owner or the original owner/administrator of the group was paid to convert it to a new group.

“I’m a member of many ‘fan groups’ in Facebook. Most of them have more than 10,000 members exchanging updates or comments of Korean Idols… I’m very surprised when I saw this sudden change. I’m wondering how much is a Facebook group with thousands of members. LOL” Obispo wrote.

Karla Obispo's post

In the same screenshot of the thread, a certain Donnabelle Gamboa Pascual, presumably one of the owners or administrators of the group, commented and reasoned out that she changed its name because of the purported inactivity of the members.

Pascual's comment

Pascual’s faulty reasoning cannot hide the deceitful scheme employed be her or the people behind her. At the very least, her excuse is preposterous and downright pathetic. Even granting that the group members are no longer active, it is wrong and stupid for her to assume that they are supporters of the president.

Netizens quickly researched and checked who Pascual is and what is her political leanings or affiliation.

Someone found a photo of her in Davao City with Carlos Munda, host of MindaVote, a Mindanao-based media entity known to rabidly support the Duterte administration and its policies and program.

Donabelle Pascual with Carlos Munda

Pascual is also a member of Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy’s religious sect. Quiboloy is a close friend of Duterte for decades and was instrumental in convincing the president to run for president.

Another netizen claimed that Pascual was a supporter of Vice-president Leni Robredo few months ago until the new year came coincidentally about the same time when the FB group was transformed to a pro-Duterte community.

George's comment

Another netizen shared that she knew of a popular food page in Facebook that pro-Duterte people are trying to buy.

This only confirms the existence of a modus operandi being employed by DDS propagandists: Ask a person or entity to create an FB group or page about something popular or interesting, attract thousands of members or followers, then offer to buy it and transform it to a pro-government site.

Quick cash for the seller and an instant group or page with thousand followers for the buyer.

This is basically how, or at least a part and parcel of a larger scheme, the DDS propaganda machinery has controlled and manipulated social media. It has successfully painted a perception that there is an overwhelming support for Duterte. But that is it. It is merely a perception and a manipulated one.

One proof that this alleged overwhelming support for the administration is only a social media myth is the lack of warm bodies in pro-government rallies and demonstrations in the past.

An interesting question was asked by another citizen. Is the money used to buy these groups and pages came from the billion of funds of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO)?

Well, with the pseudo and defective “freedom of information” (FOI) policy of the Duterte administration, we will never know.

Be vigilant, people. You might not notice it, but this can happen to your favorite group or page. Imagine, the “Titos and Titas of Manila” suddenly becoming a “Duterte Forever” or “I Love The Marcoses” page?

God forbids.