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Democratic Forces Unite

Enough is enough!

This is the collective expression of outrage by the people who are fed up with the undemocratic, corrupt and immoral government of President Rodrigo Duterte.

The patriotic, decent and freedom-loving Filipinos who initiated the YokoNa campaign say that the endeavor is a sign that forces who believe in democracy, human rights and good governance are uniting.

“We have to understand that we are currently governed by a cabal of gangsters, who are bent to destroy our restored democracy and bring us back to authoritarianism, or dictatorship,” Philip Lustre said.

Lustre is a veteran journalist, a social media influencer and a fervent supporter of the campaign.

“We have to know these gangsters are willing to hand over our country on a silver platter to China. We have to learn that these mobsters are quietly making us the basket case of Asia just like what Ferdinand Marcos did, make us the laughing stock,” he continued.

The YokoNa campaign includes the utilization of social media as well as the old school way of pasting stickers in public places within the metropolis as a means disseminating information.

yokona logo

Here are the statements summarizing the meaning and context of YokoNa:

“YoKoNa expresses our strong disapproval on the continuing violations of human rights and pursuits of EJKs.

YoKoNA refocuses fight against dictatorship and reaffirms collective stand for democracy and rule of law.

YoKoNa is the democratic forces’ vehement opposition to impose federalism – and dismember our nation.

YoKoNa literally means “I’ve enough”; enough of thuggery, stupidity, treason, fake news, dictatorial ways, etc

YoKoNa expresses the collective disapproval of democratic forces on the continuing revision of our history.

YoKoNa typifies collective disapproval on thuggery and use of intemperate language in public discourses.
YoKoNa typifies our collective will and determination to assert our democratic rights and fight oppression

YoKoNa is our condemnation of the dissemination and proliferation of fake news by the gov’t itself.

YoKoNa opposes corruption in gov’t and stands for good gov’t and traditional values of good governance.

YoKoNa means the spirit of EDSA Revolution is alive in our hearts and mind, as we fight against oppression.

YoKoNa galvanizes support for men and women of conscience – SenTri, Risa, CCM, Leni, Meilou, Leila, etc.

YoKoNa is our opposition to the erosion of our values on decency and good manners and right conduct.

YoKoNa is protest to the refusal or inability to follow the 1987 Constitution, rule of law, and due process.

YoKoNA is a collective protest on the persecution of women of integrity in gov’t – Leila, Meilou, Leni, CCM.

YoKoNa is our collective way of withdrawing support to the gov’t’s treasonous ways to deal with China.

YoKoNa is a collective protest on the re-emergence of the Marcoses, GMAs, Estradas, and other plunderers.

YoKoNa is a collective expression of protest on how this gov’t has been murdering its own people. No way!

YoKoNa is a collective expression of disgust, disappointment, and disdain on how this country is being run.”

Lustre shared some photos showing YokoNa stickers pasted in public places and tricycle while some netizens started to use the YokoNa logo as their profile photos.

The social media and sticker campaign of the democratic forces behind the YokoNa are just tips of the iceberg of the bigger and bolder activities of the movement.