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Ed Lingao Burns Mocha Uson: Stop Acting Like A Troll

Ed Lingao Burns Mocha Uson: Stop Acting Like A Troll

Burn, Mocha, burn!

Respected journalist Ed Lingao did not hold his piece when he lambasted Assistant Secretary of Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) Mocha Uson for her Facebook post mocking the nuns who joined the 1986 People Power that toppled the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos and restored democracy in the country.

In her controversial post, Uson posted a picture of nuns during the bloodless revolution with caption: NAPAIYAK DIN BA KAYO SA MGA DRAMA NG MGA AKTIBISTANG MADRE SA EDSA?

Mocha uson's fb post

Many of those who risked their lives and limbs during those dangerous times did not take Uson’s tirade sitting down.

Lingao, a veteran of that popular uprising which was praised globally, criticized Uson for implying that what the nuns and others had done was mere theatrics. He said that he tried to understand Uson’s inability to comprehend what actually happened during those fateful days in Edsa.

“I suppose wala ka naman duon,” Lingao said.

“If people are able to show true courage in the face of overwhelming power, then that is armor stronger than you would ever be able to comprehend. it is unfortunate if that is beyond your understanding,” the multi-awarded journalist added.

But what is difficult to understand, according to Lingao, is the malicious innuendo that the courageous act of the nuns was just mere drama.

“If you want samples of theatrics, there are more appropriate samples out there, like the one on a lady assistant secretary’s blog where she shows herself plinking targets with a rifle, with the caption that says ‘training kahapon bago pumunta sa Mindanao.’ Or one where she is reading law books,”

Lingao wrote and shared a photo of Uson while engaged in target-shooting.

Mocha Uson in shooting range

The journalist reminded Uson that she is a public official holding the position of assistant secretary for social media and, as such, should be a role model on how to use the popular platform.

“You are an assistant secretary for social media. The title given you means that you are to be the best example of social media use;it is not a license to abuse your influence over social media. You are supposed to show the way, not act like a common troll,” Lingao quipped.

Uson, who claims to be law student, was reminded of Republic Act 6713 or the Code of Conduct for government officials and employees.

Uson was also reminded that the mother of her principal, President Rodrigo Duterte, actively participated in the anti-Marcos movement and was a leading and prominent figure in mass rallies and demonstrations in Davao City.

“BTW, did you know that your Tatay’s mother Nanay Soling was part of the anti-dictatorship movement, and led the Yellow Friday group in Davao? Could she have taken part in the local “drama” in Davao too?” Lingao asked.