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Ateneo Professor To Millenials: Mocha Uson Is Not The Best Person To Educate You

Ateneo Professor To Millenials: Mocha Uson Is Not The Best Person To Educate You

And the roasting of Mocha Uson is not yet done.

After being castigated by veteran and respected journalist Ed Lingao for mocking the nuns who braved the tanks during the historic EDSA People Power Revolution in 1986, the controversial Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office (PCOO) continues to get flak from people who were offended by her Facebook post.

In our previous article, we wrote how Lingao lectured Uson on her responsibilities as a public official and reminded her of the provisions of Republic Act 6713 or the Code of Conduct for government officials and employees.

“You are supposed to show the way, not act like a common troll,” Lingao lambasted the former sexy dancer and sex blogger.

After Lingao’s tirade became viral,Professor Carmel V. Abao of Ateneo School of Social Sciences posted on Facebook a scathing message addressed to students and millennials.

“If you want to know the truth about EDSA and the Marcoses, Mocha Uson is not the best person to educate you. As a government official, Uson, in fact, should be celebrating EDSA not attacking it — because EDSA returned government to the Filipino people after it was usurped by the Marcoses for their own personal gain,” Abao said.

“The Marcoses (yes, the family, not just Ferdinand Sr) ruled the country for almost 20 years without regard for the people’s consent or welfare or lives. EDSA was the Filipino people’s way of saying ‘enough, Marcoses’!” Abao emphatically continued.

Abao, Associate Chair of the Department of Political Science of Ateneo, accompanied her post with a meme showing Uson’s ridiculous remark and Lingao’s response.

Abao explained that she does not usually post about Uson because she does not want to contribute to the slut-shaming of the said public official or to ridicule her for her apparent lack of intelligence and qualification required for someone holding a high position in government. However, she said that she took exception of what Uson said about the nuns who were in EDSA during that fateful event.

“We should hold her accountable, as a government official, for that kind of malicious historical revisionism. A government official should not be allowed to simply get away with this kind of reckless speech and behavior,” Abao averr

The Ateneo professor recognized that there were promises that EDSA failed to deliver but was quick to say that EDSA people power as a whole should still be celebrated.

“EDSA itself as embodiment of people power should be celebrated. This is why we should take Mocha Uson to task for making fun of the nuns who were at EDSA and for trivializing EDSA.”

Abao’s message which she posted last Saturday has been shared 3,485 times and continues to attract engagement from netizens.