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Chief Justice Praised For “Rockstar” Performance During Oral Argument

Chief Justice Praised For “Rockstar” Performance During Oral Argument

She was excellent.

This was how the dean of the Far Eastern University – Institute of Law described Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno’s performance at the oral arguments before the Supreme Court en banc for the quo warranto petition filed by Solicitor General Jose Calida against the head of the judiciary.

Dean, lawyer and broadcaster Mel Sta. Maria basically agrees with all the arguments that the chief justice had posited during last Tuesday’s hearing.

From Sereno’s contention that Justice Teresita de Castro’s interpretation of the law on the required submission of the Statement of Assets and Liabilities (SALN) is “unique, absurd and oppressive,” to the fact that the subject petition was never about ill-gotten wealth, from her averment that the burden of proof and evidence rests on the proponent of the petition to her claim that the said burden was not shifted to her considering the failure of Calida to prove anything, the law dean has nothing but praises for the chief justice.

“CJ was remarkably answering with facts but a justice was stating a ‘unique’ interpretation,” Sta. Maria wrote in Facebook.

Just like Sta. Maria, many netizens were mesmerized by Sereno’s display of courage, competence, and brilliance when she faced her colleagues in the highest court of land to answer their queries.

Twitter, in particular, exploded with an outpouring of support for Sereno. Using the hashtags #StandWithCJSereno, #QuoWarrantoOrals, and #QuoWarrantoIbasura, supporters and sympathizers used the social media platform to let the people know that they are standing with the embattled chief justice.

Ryan Aster commented on how some of the justices underestimated Sereno. Well, they messed with the wrong person.

Others claimed that the oral argument strengthened their belief that Sereno deserves to be the chief justice of the land because she stood tall among her peers.

While a parody account of Justice de Castro said that Sereno emerged the strongest of them all.

A Twitter user said that Sereno reignited his dream to become a lawyer while another said she showed law students how to prepare for recitation.

Another netizen shared how gratifying it is to see how De Castro was burned alive by the chief justice.

While a certain Carlo Agdamag spoke on why the “girl on fire” deserves to be the first among equals.

There are some who were simply amused by Sereno’s bravery when she appeared before the en banc, not in a wheelchair, but with heads up high ready to answer her fellow justices.

And those who think that the oral argument merely proves why Sereno is the chief justice and why the people who wants her out of the Supreme Court are afraid of her.

But we need more expression of support for the chief justice and more concerted and loud protest actions to make it known to the magistrates of the Supreme Court, their conspirators in Congress and their master in the palace that the Filipino people are standing with Sereno as the duly-appointed and the only legitimate chief justice of the country.