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A Chinese-Funded Philippine President

They have been in each other’s loving arms all along.

We are not talking about the recently-exposed illicit relationship between Solicitor General Jose Calida and his young but vulnerable executive assistant.

What we are referring to is the ongoing “affair” between President Rodrigo Duterte and his favorite country, China. We don’t want to call it “love affair” because, for sure, their relationship is not rooted in love.

Instead, it is anchored on China’s selfish desire to claim our territories and sovereign rights. The president, on the other hand, is simply paying its political debt to his benefactor who bankrolled his presidency.

In a Facebook post that has gone viral with more than 1,100 shares, the page Juan Nationalist explained why Duterte is so beholden to China.

“Ever wonder why Duterte would always say ‘I love China, they are our true friends’? Because Duterte is a Chinese funded president,” Juan Nationalist declared.

The page with 260,000 followers shared a photo of Duterte with his most trusted aide Bong Go at the Imperial Palace in Beijing when the two went to China in 2014, two years before the presidential election.

“As early as 2014, Duterte & Bong Go had numerous visits in Beijing meeting senior officials of the Communist Party of China in preparation of the 2016 presidential elections,” Juan Nationalist claimed.

The page said that China gave huge campaign funds for Duterte’s candidacy. Moreover, it provided the camp of then mayor of Davao City the fundamentals of strategic propaganda such as the control of social media and the proliferation of fake news and disinformation.

Naturally, China’s all-out support for Duterte is not for free.

“In return, Duterte would turn a blind eye on the Arbitral case of the Philippines re: West Philippine Sea and shift the foreign policy of the Philippines to a more pro-Chinese stance,” Juan Natioalist wrote.

Thus, Duterte’s election as president was China’s win all over the Philippines.

“A Chinese lapdog sitting in Malacanang, PCA ruling disregarded, sea patrols in West Philippine Sea & Benham Rise, favorable contracts in Boracay & Marawi, & China will mostly fund the Build-Build-Build program in return for a higher interest payment,” Juan Nationalist quipped.

In the October 26, 2016 article of Quartz, it was mentioned that Duterte, even before he was elected president, had made known to Beijing that the South China Sea (or the West Philippine Sea) belongs to China.

The article based this claim on the interview of Duterte by CCTV News, China’s state broadcaster, where he questioned the usefulness of the case that the Aquino administration has initiated against China before the Arbitral Tribunal of the United Natiions.

The segment narrator of CCTV News was quoted as saying that “if it were up to him, Duterte says he would not count on the Americans coming to the Philippines’s rescue and would have even considered dropping an arbitration case the Aquino administration filed against China.”

The interview was conducted around February or March of 2016.

“Duterte, described in the segment as the frontrunner, won the election in late May, taking office in late June. The tribunal issued its ruling in mid-July. So Duterte had made up his mind about the case, whatever the outcome, well before the ruling was issued or he won the election—and Beijing knew it all along,” the article stated.

Long before he was elected president, Rodrigo Duterte let Beijing know the South China Sea was theirs )

By now, it is already clear and undeniable whose interest this administration is serving. The Philippines got traitors. The most prominent of which has fooled more than sixteen million Filipinos and is now the president of the country.