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De Lima On Quo Warranto Ruling: Greatest Travesty Of Justice

De Lima On Quo Warranto Ruling: Greatest Travesty Of Justice

A judge-jury-executioner kind of decision.

In her latest dispatch from her place of detention, Senator Leila de Lima lambasted the Supreme Court ruling removing Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno as head of the high court on the ground that she fails to meet the integrity requirements to be in the judiciary.

Comparing the decision to the 1973 case of Javellana vs. Executive Secretary that “legitimizes” the martial law regime of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos, De Lima described the ruling on the quo warranto petition filed by Solicitor General Jose Calida as probably the greatest travesty of justice committed by the Supreme Court since the highly questionable Javellana case.

“This one ushers in another era of another dictatorship as the Court once again puts an end to the last gasps of a dying constitutional democracy,” the lady senator said.

De Lima likened the ruling to a decision handed down by kangaroo courts as the associate justices who expressed their displeasure and grievances against Sereno also participated in the voting.

“Signed by justices who themselves hurled complaints and grievances against the Chief Justice and who testified against her before the House of Representatives, the decision carries the judge-jury-executioner type of justice that is only handed down by kangaroo courts,” De Lima averred.

The feisty senator said that by ignoring the clear and unequivocal constitutional provision that impeachable public officers like justices of the Supreme Court can only be removed by impeachment, the decision has effectively placed the high court over and above the constitution.

“Beyond interpreting the Constitution, the Court is now the editor of the supreme law, changing it whenever the Court deems it to be so convenient under the guise of interpretation,” she said.

De Lima is detained at Camp Crame for drug charges which legal experts claim to be trumped up and legally inexistent. Since being incarcerated, she issues dispatches through his staff and by using social media.

The senator accused the Supreme Court of judicial tyranny.

“President Duterte now has his partnership. But this partnership won’t last long. There can only be one absolute despot, and it will not be the justices of the Court,” De Lima said implying that the president will remain as the ultimate dictator and the high court will eventually bow down to him.

The senator said that the justices who voted in favor of the petition for quo warranto wrongly assumed that they made the high court more powerful by removing an independent chief justice like Sereno when, in fact, they just destroyed the institution with the rest of the judiciary.

“Nothing will now stop Duterte from finishing off the rest of our democratic institutions,” De Lima wrote.

Leila De Lima's Statement on Quo Warranto

De Lima then quoted St. Thomas More who said that “the devil can be stopped so long as the laws of the land are not entirely mowed down because it is the law that stands between us and the devil.”

“The Court has cut down the supreme law of the land just to remove her. We might have just witnessed the cutting of the last law that still stands between us and the devil,” De Lima warned.