A Netizen’s Rant: Block Me If You Still Support Duterte

It is not only frustrating, it is angering.

This the gist of a social media post by a netizen named Karen Nicole Piccio who used Facebook to share not only her everyday struggle and concerns but her disappointment over what is generally happening in our country as reported in the news.

“Because so many things have been happening in our country and there is a pressing need for me to let this out,” Piccio began her missive.

The netizen who just began with her new job in the business district of the metropolis talked about the travails and misadventures of her daily commute in going to and from work and of trying to discover the least expensive but safe way of doing it.

“I have tried riding jeeps, UVs, buses, trains, and walking and more walking but still can’t seem to figure out a quick yet cheap and safe way to do so,” she wrote.

“So far I’ve been opting for the cheapest and relatively safe ones which still brings me to shell out an average of 120-200 pesos worth of commute everyday. Still damn expensive,” she continued.

Piccio then talked about the time that is being wasted due the monstrous traffic situation which is becoming worse as time goes by.

“I have tried almost every mode of commute but each still takes me an average of 3 hours to get home. It’s very painful – the feeling that time is being stolen from you, especially when you see old people and parents and siblings and friends who must be working longer hours and harder in the day,” she quipped.

She also recalled the many times she was tempted to use the online taxi booking service Grab only to get more frustrated after finding out the exorbitant amount that the company is charging its customers for the services it provide.

“So no grab anymore because it seems to be for the well off and rich now. Still figuring out my commute on the following days, just like the other millions of Filipinos workers who just need to go home and get to eat and rest adequately for another tiring day,” Piccio remarked.

But the netizen’s rant did not end with her traffic hang-ups and the difficulty and the rising cost of commuting. Saving the worst for last, Piccio reserved her finale tirade on the “horrible things that are happening to our country.”

“More inflation, more poverty, more hunger, more people resorting to illegal businesses because they need to feed their families, more killings, more traffic, more rape and sexual violence, more discrimination, more fake news, and more unconstitutionalities yet you hear and see people still support Duterte and his minions everywhere,” Piccio stated.

“IT’S SO DAMN FRUSTRATING AND ANGERING. Bakit ang kakapal pa din ng mga mukha nila? Ang sarap magmura,” she further said.

The middle class netizen said that she is neither rich nor poor and explained in the comment thread of her post that she cannot just keep quiet from these things and how the Filipinos are suffering.

“Having to experience these firsts makes me understand better and that includes never backing down on raising awareness about these injustices,” Piccio penned.

“It’s not a matter of me beating myself by carrying a burden, it feels more like a mission to help people see how screwed up the system now is. It’s just not me to sleep well at night knowing that there are still a lot of people blinded by the government’s abuse and lies,” she explained.

As a parting shot, Piccio asked the people who still believe and support the president and his administration to block her in Facebook.

“Please block me asap if you still support the load of crap he and the government are. Thank you”