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The Duterte Regime Is As Good As Dead

The Duterte Regime Is As Good As Dead

The president’s rule is an unmitigated failure.

According to a netizen, this is how Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency will be adjudged by history.

Wilfredo Garrido, a lawyer by profession and a social media influencer, wrote on Facebook that the president’s biggest mistake in misgoverning the nation is two-fold.

First, Duterte’s belief that his kind of leadership when he was still the mayor of Davao City will bring economic progress in the country and, secondly, his assumption that this same style of leadership will be accepted by the rest of the Filipino people.

“He was wrong on both counts,” Garrido said.

Garrido cited the circumstances why the people of Davao embraced Duterte’s “vile, vulgar, venomous style of mayorship” in 1986 and explained why the same kind of leadership will not work in the entire country in 2016 when he won as president and the years after.

Garrido stated that when Duterte was appointed as acting mayor of Davao after the 1986 People Power Revolution, the city is in total chaos and anarchy because it was then one of hotbeds of communist insurgency. Thus, when he assumed power with the promise of bringing back law and order, he was warmly welcomed by the Davaoeňeos who were longing for peace and prosperity after decades of violence and infamy.

“He was welcomed by the Davaoeños as the second coming and even as he inaugurated his kind of murder and mayhem, they preferred him to the cadres of the New People’s Army,” he shared.

But from 1986, 2016 was totally a different story.

“The communists were marginalized at best, relegated to the countryside. And the country was on its sixth year of economic boom, thanks to the sound fiscal policies of PNoy,” Garrido claimed.

But despite this, a plurality of the Filipino people wanted drastic change over stable continuity.

Hence, when Duterte came into the picture and promised anything and everything under the sun, he instantly won the hearts and minds of people. Imagine, sixteen million gullible electorate believing that the mayor of a small city can solve all the country’s woes in just three to six months.

But the euphoria was short-lived.

“Six months later, he was exposed as an Emperor with no clothes, as a man with no scruples, no morals, no vision and no brains. Unfortunately, in politics, the rule is no exchange, no return” the lawyer sarcastically remarked.

“In a matter of two years, he managed to squander all economic gains made by PNoy and we are back to being the sick man of Asia,” Garrido continued.

Aside from putting the economy in shambles, the lawyer also mentioned how Duterte bullied and weakened independent constitutional and other democratic institutions like Congress and the Supreme Court.

“Are we to accept this kind of leadership amidst economic hardships, aggravated by the loss of our democratic rights?” Garrido asked.

“There is simply no saving grace in the man, or in his accomplishments, to dampen our impression of him as a repulsive, crude and violent figure. The more he rages from his bully pulpit, the more we react with revulsion,” Garrido stated.

The outspoken lawyer said that it is futile to hope that the president will change his ways or the economy will bounce back as he straightforward in putting the blame on Duterte for all the mess that we are in.

“Our problems are the direct result of his brand of leadership. He is a failure. That is the verdict of history,” Garrido quipped.

The lawyer averred that the Duterte administration, more than two years into office, is politically dead.

“He’s not done for yet. But I believe this regime is as good as dead.”