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A Topnotcher’s Advice To Aspiring Lawyers

A Topnotcher’s Advice To Aspiring Lawyers

Hear it from the best.

8,701 law graduates are hoping to join one of the most prestigious professions not only in the country but in the whole world: the legal profession.

For the fours Sundays of the month of November which began the other day, these aspiring lawyers will troop to the University of Santo Tomas (UST) to take the yearly bar examinations.

Passing this exam is their gateway in becoming a member of the Philippine bar. It is the final obstacle before getting that elusive “Atty” title before their names.

Thus, when examination time comes, family, friends and loved ones are giving their full and utmost support. Words of comfort, inspiring messages and useful pieces of advice are given not only by those who are close to the examinees but also from those who have previously endured and passed the bar and eventually became lawyers.

Been there, done that, as the cliché goes.

But can there be a better advice than the one that came from someone who, despite his humble beginning, passed the bar not only with flying colors but actually grabbed the number one spot?

Atty. Florin “Pilo” Hilbay of the University of the Philippines, College of Law, the youngest Solicitor General in recent history, topped the bar in 1999.

In a single tweet, he shared what is probably the perfect last-minute reminders to what a barrister should do while taking the exams.

Let us digest Hilbay’s message and enumerate the things an aspiring lawyer must do to pass the test.

1. Do breathing exercises every 30 minutes.

2. Make your answers short preferably 3 to 5 sentences only.

3. Write legibly.

4. Answer all questions.

5. Do not eat heavy meals.

6. Bring jacket and extra pens.

7. Do not finish your exam early.

8. In connection with number 7, review your answers.

9. Focus on every question.

10. Move forward after every answer.

These may appear simple and basic. But coming from Hilbay who has proven himself to be a brilliant and successful lawyer, observing these reminders or pieces of advice will not surely cause an examinee any harm. On the contrary, it may become the key in the sweet realization of his or her dream of becoming a lawyer or even more: a topnotcher.

So if you know anyone taking the bar exams this year, share this piece to them. Three Sundays left. The fight is not over yet. Hilbay’s advice can make the difference.