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Sara Duterte Endorsed Two Opposing Mayoral Candidates In Pasay

Sara Duterte Endorsed Two Opposing Mayoral Candidates In Pasay

Political two-timer.

This accurately describes Davao City Mayor and presidential daughter Inday Sara Duterte after she endorsed two contending candidates for mayor of Pasay city.

In an Instagram post, actress Sharon Cuneta shared photos of Duterte raising the hand of her brother Chet Cuneta.

“Mayor Inday Sara endorses Chet Cuneta for Mayor of Pasay!!!” Sharon wrote.

The actress posted another photo of his brother and Mayor Sara with a handwritten note from the latter.

The note apparently penned by the lady mayor herself states “Si CHET CUNETA po ang tunay na mayor natin sa Pasay City.”

Cuneta, dubbed as the Megastar in the local movie industry, posted the said pictures in her Instagram account last November 10, 2018.

However, just one day before that, incumbent Pasay City district representative Emi Calixto-Rubiano posted in Facebook photos of her with Inday Sara who raised her right hand in an apparent act of endorsement.

Calixto-Rubiano who is gunning for the mayoral post of the city in lieu of her sister, incumbent mayor Antonino Calixto, used the hashtag #InaNgPasay.

Antonino Calixto will be the one who will run for congressman.

In another photo, Inday Sara and Calixto-Rubiano are seen doing the signature fist bump gesture of President Rodrigo Duterte.


So who’s it gonna be, madam mayor? Cuneta or Calixto?

The situation is not simply a fruit of confusion or misunderstanding as some articles suggest. On the contrary, the present predicament is a product of Sara Duterte’s political greed and opportunism. The lady mayor wanted to play it safe by kowtowing to two opposing parties. She wants to have her cake and eat it too. In short, namamangka sa dalawang ilog.
Inday Sara, who is slowly transforming her regional party Hugpong ng Pagbabago (HNP) into a national one, is trying to consolidate the political power and influence of their family. She is doing this by making sure that their allies will win in the upcoming 2019 midterm election.

But there are places like Pasay city where it is predicted that next year’s electoral contest will be tight and close.

The Calixtos are presently the ones in power. Aside from sisters Emi and Antonino, two of their nephews are incumbent councilors of the city.

The Cunetas, on the other hand, had previously ruled the city for decades and are attempting to make a political comeback.

Both families are proud supporters of the president while Inday Sara is a self-confessed huge fan of the megastar whose husband, Senator Kiko Pangilinan, is a vocal critic of the administration and the present president of the opposition Liberal Party (LP).

What we are witnessing here is Duterte’s kind of traditional and unprincipled politics characterized by wheeling and dealing, compromise and betrayal.

But this is not really surprising. She is the same Inday Sara who has endorsed fourteen candidates for senator even if only twelve slots are for grabs just to accommodate politicians who are dying to be anointed by the mayor and his father.