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Walang Nagawa? Memes And Videos Highlight The Accomplishments Of Mar Roxas

Walang Nagawa? Memes And Videos Highlight The Accomplishments Of Mar Roxas

His supporters are fighting back.

It has been said that a lie often repeated without challenge becomes the truth.

This is the painful lesson learned by the camp of former senator and Cabinet secretary Mar Roxas who lost in the 2016 presidential election. The bitter loss was attributed to the failure to disseminate to the people the gains and accomplishments of the administration of former president Noynoy Aquino who endorsed Roxas as well as the massive proliferation of fake news.

Roxas was a favorite victim of disinformation and black propaganda. His campaign team was criticized for being too meek to fight the relentless attack on his character and capabilities.

Now that Roxas is aiming a Senate comeback, the same old lies and calumnies are all over the internet once again. The difference is that this time his supporters are pushing back. They are calling out fake news when they see one. They are bravely answering attacks from rabid critics and mindless trolls.

Moreover, they are now making their own information drive in order to spread the credentials and accomplishments of Roxas through the use of memes and videos.

A couple of weeks ago, a post composed of memes highlighting his past accomplishments was posted by a non-political page GRABE S’YA which has almost three million followers.



Let us check those memes.

Then senator Roxas was the main author of Cheap Medicines Act or Republic Act 9502. As such, he fought the intense lobbying of the US government and the Philippine-based multinational pharmaceutical companies who wanted to remove certain items like the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) provision in his bill.

Contrary to the unfounded claim that Roxas watered down the bill, the law resulted to the substantial decrease of prices of medicines for high blood, diabetes, antibiotics and the likes making them affordable to the general public.

Roxas was appointed as secretary of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) twice, first, by former president Joseph Estrada and, secondly, during the administration of former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

As DTI head, Roxas espoused consumer welfare and protection through programs and initiatives like the Tamang Presyo, Tamang Timbang, and Palengke ng Bayan. Because of this advocacy, he was called Mr. Palengke.

Another landmark legislation authored by Roxas when he was senator was Senate Bill No. 103 or the Individual Tax Exemption for Minimum Wage Earners Bill.

This underscores the pro-poor side of Roxas despite coming from a wealthy family.

Then Senator Roxas also authored the Lemon Law of 2007 which is a protective measure for buyers of brand new vehicles from fake and substandard products.

When Roxas was young member of the House of Representatives representing the first district of Capiz, he authored Republic 8759 which mandates the establishment of Public Employment Service Office (PESO) in all municipalities around the country which shall serve as information and facilitation centers that will link all job opportunities in the respective regions in the country.

As senator, Roxas also initiated the amendment of Republic Act 7880 or the Fair and Equitable Access to Education Act in order to eliminate the shortages of classrooms in the country.

Moreover, under the said law, all provinces shall have equal access to the budget allocated for education irrespective of the political affiliation of the local leaders therein, thus, avoiding prejudice, preference, and favoritism.

Roxas also filed Senate Bill 108 that expands and strengthens Republic Act 6977. As amended, the law now provides Magna Carta for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises in order to create and generate more jobs for the Filipino people. Some of the important features of the law is the requirement for certain government agencies to provide institutional support to these enterprises and the mandated increase in its capitalization for its funding and financing.

When Roxas was appointed as DTI secretary for the first time, he was named as chair of the Information Technology and Electronic Commerce Council which was formed to monitor the implementation of the E-Commerce Law (Republic Act 8792) and other programs promoting the growth of IT-enabled services.

Later on, during his second stint in the DTI, he conceptualized and eventually initiated “Make IT Philippines” which started the call center or Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry. The said industry now provides millions of jobs for the Filipino people. For his contribution to the industry, Roxas was called as the “Father of the call center industry” by stakeholders.

Aside from these memes, a video featuring these accomplishments was made and shared by the page News Express – Gamer page.

The post of GRABE S’YA has been shared 1,800 times while the video of News Express – Gamer has been viewed 157,000 times.