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“Why The Silence? Please Speak Up”

“Why The Silence? Please Speak Up”

Your silence is deafening.

This was the parting shot of a netizen who expressed in social media her obvious frustration over the continued silence and apathy of some people amidst the outrageous things that is happening in the country.

Kirsten Mureen Cavada used Facebook to plead on the people to speak up every time a crime or wrongdoing is being committed. She propounded questions that are hypothetical, figurative and relevant.

“If your house is being robbed, are you not going to scream for help or fight against the thief?

If your sister is being raped, in front of you, on broad daylight, are you not going to help fend off the attacker?

If your life savings is being plundered, are you not going to feel outraged? Demand accountability?

If your house is burning down, are you just going to stand still and watch it turn to ash?

Why the silence?” She asked.

Cavadaa also took a jab at those who continue to remain quiet despite the madness, the murder, the moral decay and government incompetence because they are not political or because dwelling on such issues is stressful.

“Because you are not political? I am not too! Until I felt threatened. By the injustice, the oppression, the corruption, the degradation of women, the affront to right of life. You can’t see this? It’s rape on plain sight on broad daylight.

Why the silence? Too stressful. Not your cup. When will it be your cup? This is your humanity. This is not just being done to people you could not care less. This is done to YOU! This is insult to your intelligence. To your values. To what you use to think is right,” she continued.

Cavada also urged the people who have the means, resources and platform to speak up in behalf of those who do not have the same right, privilege or opportunity like those who are already dead because of the government’s murderous drug war or those who are unjustly deprived of liberty.

“Why the silence? What breaks your heart? What makes you cry? What makes you feel outraged? Do you not see all the reasons that break hearts, makes you cry, and outrageous? It’s in the news. Daily.

Please speak up. You are privileged. You have the life, the platform, the resources. Speak up now. For those who cannot. For those who have not,” she pleads.

Cavada’s Facebook post is so spot on that a certain Carina Evangelista translated verbatim her piece.

“Kumibo ka naman. Salin ng pagsusumamo ni Kirsten Mureen Cavada,” Evangelista wrote.