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Imee Marcos Gives The Most Weird And Evasive Answers

Imee Marcos Gives The Most Weird And Evasive Answers

Not her best foot forward.

The campaign period for the coming midterm election is about to start and the candidates are maximizing every opportunity to expose themselves to the public. They are utilizing to their advantage all mediums that are free of charge like social media, speaking engagements, radio and TV interviews, public debates and forums. Paid advertisements, after all, are so expensive.

Thus, it is expected that a candidate who is aspiring for an elective position will give his or her best in order to clarify the burning issues and controversies that are needed to be addressed.

But incumbent Ilocos Norte Governor and administration senatorial candidate Imee Marcos is a different case.

Marcos, daughter of the late ousted dictator Ferdinand Marcos, is either evading questions thrown at her, or she is giving inane, incoherent and weird responses to valid inquiries.

One perfect example is her interview during DZMM’s “Ikaw Na Ba? The Senatorial Candidates” last December 11, 2018.

Asked if she really graduated from Princeton University in the U.S, this is how the governor confronted the issue.

“Yes, tama po talagang it’s the season. Talagang eleksyon na eleksyon na kahit na hindi pa nagdedeklara ang Comelec. Ginawa rin yan kay Bongbong at sa mga iba pang nakikilala natin. My record speaks for itself. Performance man lang ay makikita naman natin na alam naman natin ang ginagawa at marami naman tayong natulungan. Higit sa lahat marami tayong solusyon na maidudulot na makatutulong sa nakararami,” Marcos replied.

“Naniniwala ako na ito ang unang henerasyon na talagang tayo ay p’wedeng magtapos na ng gutom at kahirapan. Nand’yan na ang siyensya, ang agham, para sa agrikultura. ‘And’yan na rin sa medisina para wala nang namamatay sa mga infections at iba pang sakit, so wala na tayong excuse. ‘Andyan pa ang big data at technology para mamonitor ang bawat isa sa mahihirap sa Pilipinas. Tapusin natin ang kahirapan sa dekadang ito,” she continued.

Wait, what?

So what is the answer to the simple and categorical question if she indeed graduated from the prestigious Princeton University?

Her educational credentials became an issue when a screenshot of her supposed report card from the said school showing she failed all the subjects in 1976 went viral in social media.

It was an opportunity for her to get back at her detractors but she chose to avoid the question.

On December 13, 2018, Marcos, during a TV interview, was asked by respected journalist Ed Lingao as to where her family got the 300 million US dollars deposit at Swiss banks that the Supreme Court ordered confiscated in 2003.

The senatoriable became evasive again and invoked the sub judice rule. He even accused Lingao of repeating the same questions over and over again.

But when told that the said high court ruling has gained finality and, therefore, is not covered by the rule, Marcos outrageously replied that she is not updated with the cases and she is busy campaigning.

In her desperate attempt to avoid the question, Marcos just admitted that she is already campaigning when the official campaign period will only start on February 12, 2019.

Then yesterday, during the Kapihan sa Manila Bay forum, aside from her usual evasive answers where she invoked for the nth time the sub judice rule, the governor gave some of the weirdest or most silly answers.

When asked if she think that there is a need for more women legislators in Congress, her reply was strange and ridiculous.

“Nakakatuwa nga kung bakit maraming babae ang nakalista. Usually, kada senatorial elections, nare-recruit ako nang pilit. Ayoko yung mga imbestiga-imbestiga, yung mga aral aral. Nakakainip ata,” Marcos said.

What the heck did she just say?

The fact that Marcos tried to dodge valid questions about her college degree and the graft cases against her family says a lot about her integrity and honesty. Her weird and inane answers, on the other hand, speaks volume about her lack of brilliance and her shallow grasp on issues.