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Writer Says She’s Convinced That The Administration Is Evil

Writer Says She’s Convinced That The Administration Is Evil

They are now going after the children.

Katrina Lagman, a writer, says in a Facebook post that she does not use the word “evil” in a light manner.

“I almost never use that word at all, because to call someone evil is to say that they are absolutely abhorrent, incorrigibly immoral, and so remorseless that they are beyond redemption,” Lagman wrote.

That is why when she declared that she is convinced that the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte is evil, it means that there is something terribly and seriously wrong with the incumbent rulers of this country.

In a strongly-worded post, Lagman lambasted the president and his coterie of notorious politicians.

“The President is a deranged fascist who is surrounded by some of the most noxious politicians the country has ever been afflicted with,” she said.

The writer who is known for courageously expressing her thoughts and opinions in social media thereafter enumerated the sins of the Duterte government.

“It’s not enough for them to steal billions from the already beleaguered taxpayers; to sabotage our economy and erase the gains made by the previous administrations; to sow hatred and spread lies, potentially damaging our culture permanently,” Lagman stated.

“To give away our territory without even the pretense of a fight; to change our Constitution so as to enable their nefarious schemes; or even to murder many thousands of Filipinos without just cause,” she continued.

Saving the worst for last, Lagman said that the administration is now targeting the children, obviously referring to the initiative of the administration allies in the House of Representatives to lower the minimum age of criminal liability of minors from fifteen to nine years old.

She attached in her post the news link of showing that the move is supported no less by House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

“No, for the truly evil, the above will not satisfy. Now, they’re going after the children,” Lagman quipped.

She then explained that all of these horrible things are the result when people allow hatred to rule over them. Making an apparent reference to the campaign slogan

“change is coming” of the president, Lagman said that those who elected him voted for “change” without considering if it will be actually for the better.

“This is the result when they let their pride blind them from seeing the truth, so they defend the indefensible,” she further said.

Using the hashtag #whatthe16milliomwanted, the writer and netizen claims the those who are supporting President Duterte are equally responsible for this mess.

“Make no mistake, Duterte supporters: this is also on you,” Lagman boldly declares.