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Is Pilo Hilbay Dating Agot Isidro?

Is Pilo Hilbay Dating Agot Isidro?

A brewing romance during the election period.

If you are an avid follower of our blog articles, you know that our cup of tea is the more serious topics that dwell on politics, governance, the justice system and the rule of law, human rights, economy, public policies, and other social and political issues.

Thus, this piece may be considered a deviation from the usual stuff that you read here in Backroom Politics.

So here is the burning question of the hour: Is former Solicitor General Pilo Hilbay going out with esteemed actress Agot Isidro?

What piqued our interest and aroused our suspicion were the photos of the two during the wedding of popular blogger Jover Laurio with his dearly beloved Mark.

We know that Hilbay and Isidro are good buddies. They belong to a group of friends that include Laurio, Bart Guingona, Vincent Lazatin, John Nery, among others.

We don’t want to put malice to their friendship but a closer look at some of their pictures made us wonder if there is something extra special going on between the two. The closeness is just so conspicuous not to see.

Look at this photo with other artists.

They are together in what appears to be a mass action or demonstration.

Doing charitable work together.

And watching college basketball together.

And when Isidro paid Vice-president Leni Robredo a visit in her official residence, Hilbay was there too.

It is inevitable to see the chemistry, the rapport, and the spark when they are together.

Maybe it is because they have the same wavelength or that they agree on a lot of social and political issues.

Hilbay, a bar topnotcher and youngest Solicitor General in recent memory, got his law degree from UP college of law. Isidro, a veteran actress, has a bachelor’s degree in interior design also from UP.

Hilbay obtained his masters of law degree from the prestigious Yale Law school in the U.S while Isidro has a master degree in communication from the Ateneo de Manila University.

Both have been speaking out against government abuse and the anti-people policies of the administration. Isidro once called the president a psychopath. She got the ire of the so-called DDS but earned the respect and admiration of those who have been opposing the president’s way of ruling the country.

Isidro was one of the personalities earlier considered to run as senator for the opposition slate. She declined and is now one of the most fervent supporters of Hilbay’s quest to become the people’s voice in the Senate.

“My No. 1 senator,”

she tweeted.

So sweet.