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Duterte Sabotaged Our Country’s Vaccination Efforts

Duterte Sabotaged Our Country’s Vaccination Efforts

We are now officially a nation of anti-vaxxers.

This was the lament of a netizen regarding the outbreak of diseases that could have been prevented by vaccines.

In a Facebook post, Gerry Cacanindin, a creative writer by profession, shared that they brought their daughter to the pediatrician last Saturday for her scheduled vaccine shot. He said that they were made to wait for two hours as the doctor came in late.

“She apologized as she had to do extra rounds in the hospital,” Cacanindin wrote.

He said that after her daughter got the vaccine shots for this month, the pediatrician advised them to be extra careful so that their child will not be afflicted with any sickness that will require hospital confinement.

“Our pedia warned us to take extra precaution by making sure our daughter doesn’t catch anything that would require for her to be admitted in a hospital,” he said.

The reason according to the doctor is that almost all hospitals are full because children are being admitted and confined for various infections.

“The reason? Hospitals are at full capacity with no room vacancies. Lots of children are down with measles, flu, and all sorts of infection that are otherwise vaccine-preventable,” Cacanindin added.

He directly blamed president Rodrigo Duterte for the dramatic drop in the vaccination of children.

“This is what happens when a leader goes on a political witch hunt by using the issue of Dengvaxia to spread fear,” Cacanindin quipped.

“Duterte singlehandedly sabotaged his own country’s vaccination efforts,” he continued.

The decline in the vaccination rate is attributed to the so-called Dengvaxia scare which was caused by the reckless, irresponsible but unsubstantiated accusation by some entities led by the Public Attorney’s Office (PAO) and the Volunteers Against Crime And Corruption (VACC) linking the death of some children to the anti-Dengue vaccine.

“The unnecessary fear and panic, largely brought about by the imprudent language and unsubstantiated accusations by persons whose qualifications to render any expert opinion on the matter are questionable at best, have caused many parents to resist having their children avail of life-saving vaccines that our government gives,” an excerpt from a statement issued by 58 doctors and scientists last year.

The Department of Health (DOH) claimed that the kid’s vaccination rate went down to 60% after the Dengvaxia controversy.

PAO had been filing Dengvaxia-related complaints such as murder, reckless imprudence resulting to homicide and even violation of the Anti-Torture law before the Department of Justice (DOJ).

PAO chief Persida Rueda-Acosta disclosed that the filing of criminal complaints has the blessing of Duterte.

Duterte urged filing of murder raps over Dengvaxia mess —Acosta

“Tama po ang payo sa akin ng isa nating pinakamataas ng opisyal ng pamahalaan, murder itong kaso dapat dito,” Acosta said.

When asked the name of this official, Acosta replied: “Si Pangulong Duterte. Sabi niya sa’kin, dapat murder.”

The president cannot escape the blame by belatedly urging the parents to have their children vaccinated. He, Acosta and the clowns of the VACC should be held responsible for this serious health problem.