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A Netizen’s Funny Encounter With The DDS

A Netizen’s Funny Encounter With The DDS

Sometimes “golpe de gulat” is all you need.

A netizen shared a funny and memorable moment with the so-called DDS or Diehard Duterte Supporters.

According to Benedict Pestano, he was not feeling well last Thursday and decided to stay at home so he could rest and relax. He said that with the help of his driver, he utilized his free time to put “Mar Roxas Ekonomista” and “Otso Diretso” tarpaulins in their fence facing the road.

“So that in my own little way I can help advertise the Otso Diretso Candidates. Our house is located in the main road of the village so naturally cars and people do pass by it,” Pestano posted in Facebook.

In the evening of the same day, he relayed that he was relaxing in their garden near where he placed the tarpaulins when he heard some noise from people outside their house. He curiously peeked outside and saw four teenage boys whose faces are unfamiliar to him.

“Ang tapang ng may-ari ng house na ito hindi takot kay Duterte,” one of the boys said.

But another boy who appeared to be the “siga” among the group made the dirty finger sign directed at the tarpaulins.

[email protected]@K You Otso Diretso!” The boy shouted.

“Abay nagulat ako sa sinabi so napasabi ako ng malakas na ‘[email protected]@K YOU TOO!’ With a deep low voice. Aba lo and behold yung si siga-siga type sa sobrang takot ang bilis tumakbo naiwan pa niya ang isang kaparehas ng ‘slip on’ Nike shoes niya,” Pestano said in jest.

The netizen said he went outside and looked after the shoes that was left while waiting for the teenagers to return. In less than five minutes, the group returned and the “siga” among them suddenly became apologetic.

“Boss sorry po nag mura ako” the boy said.

“Alam mo boy huwag mong gayahin ang idol mong si Duterte puro mura ang alam,” was Pestano’s quick response which made the other teenagers burst into laughter.

“Ayan ang yabang mo kasi pre,” one of his companion teasingly uttered.

Realizing that he got the boys’ attention, he turned from funny to serious. He immediately grabbed the opportunity to discuss the country’s problems and how the candidates of the opposition slate can help in solving them.

“I spoke about the ills of our society and how our Otso Diretso candidates can help them, their family and country to become better and more competitive and the way I looked at it mukhang effective naman ang talk ko sa kanila kasi ang sabi nila ‘Otso Diretso na kami’”, Pestano stated.

“Hindi ko alam kung binobola lang ako ng mga yun but I believe sometimes it just need a ‘Golpe de Gulat’ to talk to these hard headed t*rds,” he continued.