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Agot Isidro: I Trust Pilo Hilbay With All My Heart

Agot Isidro: I Trust Pilo Hilbay With All My Heart

She has confirmed it.

In a video message posted in social media, veteran actress vouched for the character, the capability and good intention of senatorial candidate Pilo Hilbay.

Isidro said that she met Hilbay in a gathering where the former the solicitor general talked about the pressing concerns of the people.

“Ang isyu ng gutom, ng trabaho, pabahay, edukasyon, ang pambabastos sa mga kababaihan, ang pagpatay sa ating kapwa Pilipino at iba pang karapatang pantao,” Isidro said.

The outspoken actress said that Hilbay’s humble beginning narrative is genuine and not just an election gimmick.

“Pinanganak si Pilo at lumaki siya sa Tondo. Totoo at hindi gimik po na nanggaling siya sa mahirap na pamilya,” she stated.

Isidro, a graduate of the University of the Philippines like the bet she is endorsing, said that Hilbay is one of the most brilliant people that she has met citing the fact he was a bar topnotcher in 1999 and became a professor of law also in UP.

Isidro also shared how Hilbay used his knowledge of the law to serve the country.

“Nanilbihan din siya sa bayan kasama ang dating senador na si Jovito Salonga. At ipinagtanggol niya ang West Philippine Sea laban sa China,” Isidro asserted.

Hilbay was a former vice-chair of Bantay Katarungan, a civic organization formed by former Senate President Jovito Salonga to advocate the strengthening of the rule of law and to address issues of public injustice.

As solicitor general, he led the Philippine delegation in asserting our territorial and sovereign claims against China before the Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Hague. The case was decided in our favor but the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte refuses to use and assert the ruling.

Isidro said Hilbay is a concrete example why hope springs eternal even to those who are poor as long as they are given opportunities in life.

“Si Pilo ay nagsikap at pinatunayang kung may oportunidad ang mahirap, walang pangarap na imposible,” she quipped.

Isidro revealed that Hilbay has no plan of running for public office.

“Pero nung kinailangan siya ng bansa ay buong puso naman niyang ibinigay ang sarili niya,” she said.

“And dahil dyan buong puso ko rin siyang ipapakilala at ipangangampanya sa Senado nagyong 2019,” the actress continued.

In our previous article Is Pilo Hilbay Dating Agot Isidro?, we shared our observation about the conspicuous closeness of the two.

“It is inevitable to see the chemistry, the rapport, and the spark when they are together,” we wrote.

The video message shared by Pilo Hilbay himself in Facebook is a telling affirmation that Isidro knows Hilbay too well that she is willing to go the extra mile to campaign for him.

It is a confirmation made no less by Isidro. Not that she and Hilbay are dating. But the fact that Hilbay is more qualified and more deserving to be in the Senate that she is risking her name, reputation, career and even her safety for the sake of the country.

“Pilo is a man that I can trust with all my heart and with my life actually,” Isidro declared.

The video which was shared only yesterday has been viewed 46,000 times and has more than 800 shares.