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Duterte: A Lame Duck Just Two Years After He Became President

Only two years into the presidency and yet it appears that Rodrigo Duterte is politically dead. Banking on his charisma as a strong and powerful leader, Duterte overwhelmingly won as the highest official of the land during the 2016 national election after winning the hearts and minds of the people who were made to believe that the country needs an iron fist ruler. So where is the so-called political will promised by Duterte and his campaign team in 2016? The president has not yet reached half...


DBM Sec. Benjamin Estoista Diokno

"For the nth time, as an economist, what we need is a competitive peso -- not a strong peso; a STRONG peso does not mean STRONG economy; nor does a WEAK peso mean a WEAK economy."
-Manila, 01 July 2018