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Imee Marcos Gives The Most Weird And Evasive Answers

Not her best foot forward. The campaign period for the coming midterm election is about to start and the candidates are maximizing every opportunity to expose themselves to the public. They are utilizing to their advantage all mediums that are free of charge like social media, speaking engagements, radio and TV interviews, public debates and forums. Paid advertisements, after all, are so expensive. Thus, it is expected that a candidate who is aspiring for an elective position will give his or...

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Otso Diretso Inspires Young Lawyer To Be Active In Politics Again

A decision to board a political voyage once again. This was the inspiring declaration made by a young lady lawyer from Iloilo. Disheartened by the loss of Mar Roxas in the 2016 presidential election, Atty. Maria Reylan Garcia said in a Facebook post that she grieved when a strongman was voted to be the highest official of the land for six years. “I felt splashed on with a bucket of cold water. I grieved then aware that being Filipino does not guarantee similarity of foresight and values,”...

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Netizen: Why Would Anyone Vote For Grace Poe?

If the recent Pulse Asia survey is to be believed, Senator Grace Poe will top the midterm senatorial derby once again. The lady senator was the top-notcher during the 2013 midterm election when she ran under the administration slate of then President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino. According to the results of the survey that was allegedly conducted by Pulse from December 14 to 21 of 2018, 75.6 percent of the registered voters will support her. As a result, an obviously irked netizen questioned her...

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“Why The Silence? Please Speak Up”

Your silence is deafening. This was the parting shot of a netizen who expressed in social media her obvious frustration over the continued silence and apathy of some people amidst the outrageous things that is happening in the country. Kirsten Mureen Cavada used Facebook to plead on the people to speak up every time a crime or wrongdoing is being committed. She propounded questions that are hypothetical, figurative and relevant. “If your house is being robbed, are you not going to scream for...

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Complete In Capiz: Roxas Vouches For Fellow Opposition Candidates In His Bailiwick

Complete for the first time. Ever since the filing of their respective certificate of candidacies (COC) last year, the senatorial slate of the opposition coalition never became complete in any of the gatherings or activities organized by their campaign team or supporters. The closest was on October 24, 2018, when vice-president Leni Robredo formally presented in public the eight candidates of the coalition. The event was held in Marikina where seven out of the eight senatoriables were present...