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Bam Aquino: A Leader Who Walks The Talk

He is the real deal. Niňa Terol, described in her Facebook and LinkedIn profiles as a communicator, connector and changemaker, vouched for the intelligence, capability, and integrity of Senator Bam Aquino. Aquino, a member of the Liberal Party and who belongs to the minority block in the Senate, is aspiring to be reelected for a second term in the 2019 midterm election. Terol said that he first met the young senator twenty-two (22) years ago when they were in their sophomore year at the Ateneo...

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Poe’s Pathetic Attempt To Associate Herself With The Opposition

The queen opportunist strikes again. During last week’s filing of Certificate of Candidacy (COC) of those who are running as senators for the 2019 midterm election, the aspirants were given an opportunity to share their views on several issues, their programs and platform of government and their legislative agenda if ever elected. As early as the filing of the COCs, a clear line has been made between those who are allies and supporters of the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte and...

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It’s Time To Revoke Enrile’s Bail

Too old and sick to be jailed but perfectly fit to run as a senator? In August of 2015, former Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile, detained for plunder in connection with pork barrel scam, was allowed by the Supreme Court to post bail. Plunder, under the law, is supposedly a non-bailable offense. The government prosecutors from the Office of the Ombudsman appealed the ruling but the same was denied on July of 2016. Aside from citing Enrile’s purported past and present disposition to respect...

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Mar Roxas Gave The Filipino People A Glimmer Of Hope

A flicker of light in these days of darkness. This is what Mar Roxas has ushered the nation when he announced yesterday through a pre-taped video message which he shared in his official Facebook account that he is setting aside his semi-retirement from politics to offer his services once more to the Filipino people. Roxas, a former senator who topped the senatorial race in 2004, said that he had to undergo an examination of conscience and discernment before making a decision. Calling it a...

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Diokno: The Administration Is Mounting A Total War On Our Humanity

We should not allow the government to replace justice based on reason with injustice from the barrel of the gun. The dean of the College of Law of De La Salle University has a mouthful to say against the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte which he accused of being determined in ostracizing those who oppose it through violence. Atty. Manuel “Chel” Diokno issued a strongly-worded statement after Ozamiz City Executive Judge Edmundo Pintac was ambushed in broad daylight last Monday and...