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Is Pilo Hilbay Dating Agot Isidro?

A brewing romance during the election period. If you are an avid follower of our blog articles, you know that our cup of tea is the more serious topics that dwell on politics, governance, the justice system and the rule of law, human rights, economy, public policies, and other social and political issues. Thus, this piece may be considered a deviation from the usual stuff that you read here in Backroom Politics. So here is the burning question of the hour: Is former Solicitor General Pilo...

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Writer Says She’s Convinced That The Administration Is Evil

They are now going after the children. Katrina Lagman, a writer, says in a Facebook post that she does not use the word “evil” in a light manner. “I almost never use that word at all, because to call someone evil is to say that they are absolutely abhorrent, incorrigibly immoral, and so remorseless that they are beyond redemption,” Lagman wrote. That is why when she declared that she is convinced that the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte is evil, it means that there is something...

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Hilbay: We Need An Environment Where Children Can Be Reformed

How can we protect our children? Former Solicitor General Florin Hilbay denounced the bill in the House of Representatives that seek to lower the age when minors will become criminally liable. Presently at fifteen, the lower house wants to pass a law that can make children as young as nine years to be within the ambit of penal laws. Hilbay, bar topnotcher and a constitutional law professor at the University of the Philippines, took his oath today as member of Aksyon Demokratiko, the party...

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Imee Marcos Gives The Most Weird And Evasive Answers

Not her best foot forward. The campaign period for the coming midterm election is about to start and the candidates are maximizing every opportunity to expose themselves to the public. They are utilizing to their advantage all mediums that are free of charge like social media, speaking engagements, radio and TV interviews, public debates and forums. Paid advertisements, after all, are so expensive. Thus, it is expected that a candidate who is aspiring for an elective position will give his or...

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Otso Diretso Inspires Young Lawyer To Be Active In Politics Again

A decision to board a political voyage once again. This was the inspiring declaration made by a young lady lawyer from Iloilo. Disheartened by the loss of Mar Roxas in the 2016 presidential election, Atty. Maria Reylan Garcia said in a Facebook post that she grieved when a strongman was voted to be the highest official of the land for six years. “I felt splashed on with a bucket of cold water. I grieved then aware that being Filipino does not guarantee similarity of foresight and values,”...